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Lena Jac Kinder- Bruneau

I am a up incoming artist from Ontario Canada.  

I do any form of art I can get my hands on. Starting with painting and sculpting both traditionally and digitally. Although I am always learning and growing in new mediums and practices. I am eager to learn new trades and skills.

My dream is to one day have my work come to life. Filled with emotions.  Breath life into the fantastical. I want to be able to create a world that you could fell like you could touch smell and seance the world around you.  Wisp people away in fantastical or disturbed them with horror regardless of the outcome so long as I can can tell a story though my art at the end of the day.

Like many others I'm working towards bigger and better things over time.

What Nereza works can do for you

  • Fantasy / Sci-fi / Steampunk / Horror / Etc 
  • Design – Creatures / Characters / Backgrounds / Etc 
  • Drawings / Sketch's
  • Speed paintings
  • Traditional Paintings
  • Digital paintings 
  • Illustrations
  • Mix media work
  • Traditional Sculpture 
  • Crafting and building
  • Costumes fabrication & props
  • Mold making and casting in meany materials
  • Prosthetic makeup
  • Face/body painting
  • Life Drawing / Painting / Sculpting 

And more contact me for a inquiry or a quote.

Testimonials / Customer quotes

 Quotes from previous customers.

"  I have had two pieces done by Lena now, and seldom have I been so pleased by commissioned artwork. The level of detail she explores in emotional pieces like the ones I have requested are unparalleled. Her ability to speak clearly to the customer and understand the vision displaying in the individual's head is unlike any I have ever worked with. She can put to paper, concepts going off of very little explanation to offer the customer options for a potential scene... and she is always willing to give alterations when requested. If you are looking for a talented, professional, and experienced artist with the ability to do a variety of scenes... Lena is your artist.

- Jackson Hollingsworth  "

Education and Awards

  • Ottawa School of Art - Portfolio program 
  • Vanas - Instruction in concept art 
  • GCMA -2D - Foundation & Design

  • The Lee Matasi Memorial Scholarship
  • Guest of Honor at Motor City Furry Con ​
  • Semi finalist  for Art Battle Ottawa 

Events Coming up.

 (More Soon to come)

2018 - Art Battle Ottawa 

Live painting June 28,  Arts Court Ottawa  

I will be painting live at the city finals in June should anyone like to come to see the Ottawa finalist.

2018 - Comicon ottawa

2018 - Ottawa geek market

2018 - Furnalequinox 

2018 - Motorcityfurrycon 

2019 - Anthrocon

2019 - Monsterpalooza

Up Coming Projects

To be announced. 

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